RESULTS OF APPLICATION OF SOME NON-TRADITIONAL AL RESTORATION METHODS ON NORTH BOHEMIAN MINES LOCATIONS La importancia del carbón marrón radica en la creciente necesidad energética que existe en la República Checa. En la actualidad es el combustible fósil del cual depende la nación, de lo contrario tendría que importar recursos energéticos. Más del 70% del

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Cablik, Vladimir
Rehor, Michal
Lang, Tomas
Fecko, Peter
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Universidad Industrial de Santander
ABSTRACT The importance of brown coal implies from the growing need of energy in the Czech Republic. It is nowadays a single signifcant fossil raw material, without which our state would become fully dependent on the import of energetic sources. More than 70 % of mined brown coal comes from the North Bohemian Basin these days. Open cast brown coal mining has lead to large damage on the landscape. That is why the reclamation work has become important on principle recently.  The diffculty of reclamation of North Bohemian localities consists in extremely unfavourable properties of rock strewn to the most of dump bodies. These rocks are mechanically unstable in the wind and water erosion and it gets undesirable, acidic characteristics as SO3 and Al ions infuence by weathering. Limitation of the infuence of weathering, amendment of chemistry and physical composition of top rocks strata, and defnition of the required amount of fertilizable rock have been successful in recent years as suitable methods have been used. The presented article includes the characteristics of the important phytotoxic areas and the methodology of their reclamation mainly based on the application of suitable fertilizable rocks. Some tentatively used non-traditional methods were evaluated e. g. the application power plant stabilizer and ash. The paper assesses the success rate of the reclamation methods.  The results are documented with the long term monitoring of physical, mineralogical, chemical and pedological parameters of rocks in the testing areas.  Keywords: non-traditional restoration methods, reclamation, application power plant stabilizer and ash.